How The Tournaments Engine Works

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A tournament can be created using the Create a tournament button in the profile drop down menu.

Add some basic info about tournament.

Additional info on the fields:

  • Tournament title – Name your tournament
  • Time/date – Set start time, date and timezone. Both 24h and am/pm formats are supported.
  • Tournament description – This field can be used to give some basic tournament information.
  • Number of participants – This is the maximum number of participants in tournament. Minimum number of participants joined to have brackets generated is 3.
  • Tournament type – Form of tournament which will be used. Default type is usually considered Knockout. Extended tournament settings gives you more tournament types like: Ladder, Round Robin with Knockout and League. Learn more about tournament types here.
  • Location – Set where tournaments will be held. Examples: City, Gaming centre, Website, IP address. Whatever you need.
  • Game – Set which game will be played in this tournament.
  • Contestants – Who will be able to join, users or teams?
  • Game format – How many rounds will be played per match. Choose one of 5 formats, from best of 1 (single round) to best of 5 (5 rounds per map).
  • Game frequency – This is a time between matches. You can set it from 15 minutes up to one match per month.
  • Tournament frequency – How often will this tournament occur? Will it be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly one? If you want to have one time tournament, just leave this setting as it is.
  • Game modes – This is optional, depends on the ecosystems integrated game mode types. If you have a specific game mode type you’d like/need integrated please email via the Contact Us Form Section.
  • Maps – Choose which map will be played on tournament for your game. If you need new or additional maps integrated also contact Matrix Gaming IT Support.
    If game has only one map, it will be used as default one. In case there are more maps, you will be able to choose.
  • Regulations – Additional tournament regulations and informations. You can add more fields to provide as much details to your players.
  • Rewards/Prizes – Set your rewards and or prizes if there are any.

Following image is an example. Please note that tournament images you see are determined by the selected game:


You can also add regulations and prizes.

You are ready to publish tournament and wait for teams/gamers to join.