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Matrix Gaming IT


The ultimate e-sports GAMING ecosystem

Matrix gives you the power to immerse yourself into the perfect ecosystem and tournaments engine for your team and community.

A truly perfect platform of pro and for fun gamers, Esports teams, content creators,  gaming livestreamers and branded entities and businesses.

For Gamers & Pro Teams

Register today and build your team! Design your team page or contact the Matrix Gaming IT dev team to have your shop custom designed giving you next unlimited asset design integration possibilities!

Need extended team and tournament advertisement(s)? Contact us for advertisement needs and we will design and work directly with you accordingly to your niche gaming interest(s).

Build A Global Pro Gaming Network

Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem gives you the power to be able to create global team communities where the Matrix Gaming IT Populous can join freely your team(s), enter custom gaming tournaments and matches for fun or to win gaming tournament prizes.

Set Admins to manage these shops and teams and passively earn to your own standards of network leadership.

E-Sports, Gaming Gear & Game Release NEWS

If you are not interested in the community gaming/competing side directly but are interested in new game releases and gaming gear news, the Matrix Gaming IT ecosystem also has integrated an entire media/news platform just for you!

Professionally accurate gaming, gear and esports up to date news anytime/anywhere!

E-Commerce Gaming Gear And Products

The Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem has built within itself a full e-commerce storefront stocked with gaming niche products of video games, consoles, team/brand gaming apparel and more!

Also featured are cryptocurrency niche type products and apparels are fully integrated into the e-commerce storefront as well with fiat and crypto payment settlement abilities.

Create, customize, manage and join multi-gaming tournaments!

Buy & Stake Pooled GamerGold (GG) in competition gaming.

Gaming Ecosystem Quick Nav Menu

Powered by Visual Composer technology, with Matrix Gaming IT you will be able to create awesome looking customized team/solo profiles for whatever your niche branding/design needs are.

You can contact our pro dev team to help implement your customized premium contents and team/solo branding/product designs. Further need product/branding support? We have the ability to on-board your branded products for sale to your followers and team members into the Matrix Gaming IT ecosystem e-commerce storefront.

Navigate easily through the entire Matrix Gaming IT ecosystem via the quick nav menu located directly below.

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Join The Gamer Community

After taking a browse around and normalizing to the Matrix Gaming IT ecosystem, begin your full on immersion longterm by becoming a member of the gamer populous. Register your account for free today and get playing. Utility the member creator “Register/Create An Account” and custom your entire profile and display your niche self interest/style flow to the entire ecosystem of alike populous of gamer pioneers.

Take it a step further and join an ecosystem team or if your up for a full on longterm investment into your competitive gaming career and think you have what it takes to form and run a successful competitive team, then simply follow the tutorials section of how to create a team or email for direct help to to start and form a team.

Join A Team!

Not interested in having to manage a full team, team members, game events/tournaments and the business of gaming?

No worries! Instead search the MATRIX Ecosystem for a right fitting niche related gaming team to join and begin playing games, adding to the fun for the entire ecosystem.

Compete with or against your team, with other teams and or independent gamers/solo travelers!

There are several tutorial support teams housed within the MATRIX Ecosystem if you are new to gaming altogether but wish to get into certain games/gaming play!

If you play in multiple different gaming varieties there will be a team surely to fit specifically to your gaming niche type/category.

Lead a team!

Join the MATRIX Zion populous today towards beginning the journey in solo/team competition gaming.

Read the executive whitepaper to learn more about the MATRIX gaming ecosystem protocol and about MatrixCoin (MIX).

Grow an e-sports/blockchain gaming team and compete against other teams! Win great prizes by playing games and growing you team and brand!

Practice and compete in MATRIX sponsored annual competition events to win even greater prizes!

Bring your team to the stage forefront of the entire ecosystem by competing and winning tournaments. Claim fame globally among social  audiences, all while earning valuable prize awards!

Start now by searching through the MATRIX Zion’s populous towards forming the best team makeup possible of alike gamers.

  • MATRIX DApp E-Sports/Console/Blockchain Gaming Tournaments:
    • The Matrix Gaming IT ecosystem is integrated with a fully immersive layer of gaming technologies.
    • Build and run a gaming team custom to your own brand!
    • Join scheduled tournaments in many different games integrated into Matrix Gaming IT or custom build your own tournament(s) event(s) specific to your core game type.

Professional Gamer Tools To Succeed Your Gaming Career:

  • Have your own network of games integrated into the competitive choice scope.
  • Live chat, Twitch & YouTube streaming abilities directly via your solo membership or team!
  • Have created and managed for you, custom premium paid tournaments. Add your own prize(s)/award(s). Gather revenues into your team as a pro gaming business protocol.

Fully Networked Custom Branding To Your Needs:

  • Have customized your own backgrounds and design specific to your branding needs.
  • HTML5
  • Custom CSS3 Styling
  • Custom CSS3 Animations
  • Build using the latest Bootstrap
  • Full stack dev team with 24 hour support or ticketing entrance abilities for help.

Extended Marketing Services & E-Commerce Brand Product Sales Solutions:

  • Obtain extended marketing networking inside and outside of the Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem globally to millions of outreaches. Addition your brand products in partnership with the Matrix Gaming IT exclusive esports shop.
  • Extend your branding outreach of products sales and exposure by on-boarding into the ecosystem’s E-Commerce marketplace! Subscribe ad-space to market your branding, team(s) and tournament(s) via our full marketing partnership companies/affiliates.

1. Buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)

2. Exchange For GamerGold (GG)

3. Stake Your GamerGold & Compete To Win For The GG Profits!

4. Sell your GamerGold (GG) winnings for BTC and or ETH.

5. Further exchange your GamerGOld (GG) for MatrixCoin (MIX) to mine collectible treasures from the blockchain miner!

Blockchain Treasure Miner

GamerGold (GG) and MatrixCoin (MIX) carries advanced utility within the Matrix Gaming IT Blockchain Treasure Miner. The Blockchain Treasure Miner is a full blockchain based application ecosystem where digital gold, diamonds and precious gems can be mined and collected into ownership inside of a TRON Blockchain based cryptocurrency wallet.

Once such finite precious digital collectible assets have been mined into a miners collection, different rare collectible digital coins are able to be created and minted into ownership like the Blood Coin forged with digital gold, rubies and crests.

Other digital collectors coins in example are the King’s Coin and Queen’s Coin among many other rare immutable coins that only you can mine, create and mint into ownership inside of your secure un-hackable cryptocurrency wallets. This is performed by obtaining MatrixCoin (MIX) from exchanging with with GamerGold (GG) and or by winning in the glory of for fun or pro gaming tournaments via the Matrix Gaming IT ecosystem’s E-Sports gaming tournaments engine.

Join a tournament in your favorite type competition/e-sports gaming niche type to take claim to GamerGold (GG) staked winnings and enter the Blockchain Treasure Miner today!

Matrix Gaming IT Live

Matrix Gaming IT is a livestream gaming and content creation channel for exploring different gaming niche varieties, hosting tournaments, spectating/commentary and creating gaming video walkthroughs among other creative contents via YouTube.

Please Subscribe, like and share Matrix Gaming IT’s YT.