Tournament Engine Types

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Tournament Engine Types:

Matrix Gaming IT currently has 4 supported tournament types: Knockout, Ladder, Round Robin + Knockout and League. Knockout is standard, while other tournament types are part of our premium engine features. As soon as tournament start time occurs, brackets are generated. You need at least 3 participants to generate brackets.

Knockout – standard tournament:

The simplest tournament type. Winner of a match goes to the next round. Tournament is over when last pair of participants play their match.

League – premium tournament:

As soon as tournament starts, table and match schedules will be generated. Participant will have two matches against every other participant (home and away). Win gives 3 points, Draw gives 1 points, Defeat gives no points. Once everyone finish their matches, theme will declare a winner by total earned points.

Round Robin + Knockout – premium tournament:

This tournament type is combination of League and Knockout tournaments. First we have a league part, and once we finish it, theme generate playoff brackets in form of knockout. The number of participants in knockout phase depends on tournament participants number.

Ladder – premium tournament:

Ladder is specific because it doesn’t have end time. Tournament ends when tournament creator press STOP button. Goal of ladder is to get to the top by challenging participants above you, and defending yourself from those beneath you. Currently ladder challenge is set to 2 (default), which means that you can challenge up to 2 positions above you, and get challenged by those 2 places under. If Place 5 challenges Place 3 and wins, they switch positions. In case Place 3 wins, they stay in same positions. There are also charges for challenge and decline. Each time you challenge someone, you lose one challenge charge. Also if you decline someones challenge, you lose one decline charge. You get new set of charges every 24h, and they are not cumulative. If player doesn’t have any decline charges left, but he gets challenged, if he doesn’t accept the challenge in specific time period, theme will consider that as forfeit, and he will switch places with challenger.

Pay to Join:

This tournament type feature enables you to create a tournaments which can’t be entered without paying fee. Create any type of tournament as explained in the How the Tournaments Engine Works section and you can switch its state to premium by pressing this button.


Blocks with premium status will have this info on the top:



The same thing will be available in tournament page: